About Low Beers

Editor of Low Beers, Adam Jones
Adam Jones, Editor of LowBeers.com, @LowBeersAdam on Twitter

Welcome to Low Beers – your guide to non-alcohol beers (0.5% ABV or less) and low-alcohol beers (between 0.5% and 1.2% ABV).

I’m Adam Jones and I’m the Editor of this website. I have the pleasure of sampling every low alcohol beer I can get my hands on, then sharing my honest opinions with you.

My aim is to help you discover the very best, most delicious beers with an ABV of 0.5% or lower. And to help you avoid the bad ones!

My Review Process

I personally purchase, taste, and review every beer featured on this website. That means you get a consistent, unbiased opinion from someone who drinks a lot of low-alcohol beer (and quite a lot of full-strength beer too!).

I try to give you as much information as possible in my reviews, which is why I include detailed descriptions, images, and even short videos of beers.

Nothing beats tasting a beer for yourself, but I aim to make Low Beers reviews the next best thing.

Affiliate Disclaimer

I want to be completely open about how this website is funded. Low Beers is enrolled in a number of affiliate programs, including being registered as an Amazon Associate, which means the website earns commission from qualifying purchases.

When you click a link on Low Beers and purchase some beer (or anything else, for that matter) from a retailer like Amazon, I may earn a small commission. The purchase doesn’t cost you any extra, the money comes from the retailer.

I hope you’ll be happy to help the website through your purchases. It’s what make it possible to keep buying new beers and adding new reviews. Your support really is greatly appreciated.

That’s it! Thanks for visiting. Now stop reading this boring page and go discover some awesome low-alcohol beers