Speakeasy So Let’s Talk x Tiny Rebel [Beer Review]

If you’re looking for a low-alcohol beer that still packs a punch, look no further than Speakeasy So Let’s Talk x Tiny Rebel. This collaboration between Tiny Rebel Brewing Co and So Let’s Talk, a not-for-profit platform that provides preventative and holistic sessions on mental, physical, and financial health to hospitality workers, is a refreshing take on the classic IPA.

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Beer Review: Hoegaarden Wit Blanche 0,0

Hoegaarden Wit Blanche 0.0

Hoegaarden Wit Blanche 0,0 is a non-alcoholic version of the traditional Belgian wheat beer, Hoegaarden Wit. This beer has a hazy, pale yellow color and a thick, white head. The aroma is a mix of citrus and spices, with notes of coriander and orange peel. The taste is light and refreshing, with a subtle sweetness …

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Beer Review: No Worries – Lervig

No Worries - Lervig

No Worries, from Norwegian brewery Lervig, is not just one beer but a whole series.

As well as the standard version of No Worries, Lervig also brews lemon, mango, grapefruit and pineapple-infused variations and even a Christmas version.

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Paradiso – Big Drop Brewing Co [Beer Review]

Paradiso Citra IPA Alcohol-Free

Watch as we pour a glass of Paradiso Citra IPA by Big Drop Brewing Co.

Paradiso was chosen as the United Kingdom winner at the World Beer Awards 2020. But will this award-winning non-alcoholic beer live up to our expectations?

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Lost AF – BrewDog [Beer Review]

Lost AF Lager on purple Low Beers background

Lost AF is an alcohol-free lager from the hugely successful – but also more than a little controversial – Scottish brewery, BrewDog.

Whatever you may think of BrewDog as a company, they certainly make some good beers. So we poured a glass of Lost AF and put this non-alcoholic lager to the test.

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Clwb Tropica – Tiny Rebel [Beer Review]

Non-alcoholic beer shouldn’t be boring. We firmly believe that you should look forward to opening a low-alcohol beer just as much as something stronger.

So we were excited to try Clwb Tropica Non Alc, which its brewer Tiny Rebel describes as “a party in a can”.

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