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Big Drop Poolside Ddh IPA – Non Alcoholic IPA

Large Drop Poolside DDH IPA – Alcohol-Free India Pale Ale: An Orchestra of Hoppy Flavors

Introducing the Large Drop Poolside DDH IPA, a non-alcoholic India Pale Ale that skillfully delivers a symphony of hoppy flavors in every sip. This remarkable beer may not have an immediate impact on your senses, but it ensures to captivate your taste buds with its intricate and delightful notes.

Large Drop’s unique brewing process sets them apart from others. They don’t simply eliminate the alcohol or stop fermentation; they embrace the ‘out and out weird’ to produce exceptional beers that defy expectations. Their dedication to quality and flavor is evident in this well-known brand, renowned for creating outstanding alcohol-free brews.

The Poolside DDH IPA is no exception. With its complex blend of hoppy flavors, this non-alcoholic IPA brings a depth and richness to your palate. It’s ideal for any occasion, whether you’re unwinding poolside, enjoying a social gathering, or simply seeking a delightful and alcohol-free substitute for traditional beers.

Experience the orchestra of hoppy flavors that the Large Drop Poolside DDH IPA has to offer. Your taste buds will be thoroughly satisfied, and you’ll discover a newfound appreciation for the world of non-alcoholic brews.

Tasting notes

Large Drop Poolside DDH IPA – Alcohol-Free India Pale Ale tasting notes:

  1. Appearance: Large Drop Poolside DDH IPA pours a murky, golden amber color with a fluffy, off-white head that lingers and leaves an attractive lacing on the glass as it slowly fades.
  2. Aroma: The aroma enthralls your senses with a lively combination of tropical fruits, such as succulent mango, ripe papaya, and zesty citrus notes, along with a touch of pine and a hint of malt sweetness, creating an inviting and vibrant bouquet.
  3. Taste: On the palate, Large Drop Poolside DDH IPA provides a flavorful journey. The tropical fruit flavors take the spotlight, with luscious mango and papaya notes blending with the zesty citrus character, all balanced by a delicate malt backbone and enhanced by a subtle, yet assertive hop bitterness.
  4. Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is silky and medium-bodied, with a gentle carbonation that adds a pleasant creaminess and enhances the drinkability of this non-alcoholic IPA.
  5. Finish: The finish is long and satisfying, with a lingering tropical fruit sweetness and a mild hop bitterness that leaves you craving another sip.

Large Drop Poolside DDH IPA is a delightful non-alcoholic IPA that captivates you with its enticing blend of tropical fruit flavors, zesty citrus notes, and subtle hop bitterness. With an inviting aroma, delightful taste, and smooth mouthfeel, it’s the perfect alcohol-free option for those seeking a truly enjoyable and satisfying experience, reflecting Large Drop’s dedication to crafting innovative and high-quality beverages for everyone to savor.

Large Drop Poolside DDH IPA – Alcohol-Free India Pale Ale
Nutritional Information Per 100ml

Nutrient Amount
Energy (Kcal) 18kcal
Energy (kJ) 79kj
Fat 0.1g
Carbs 3.6g
Sugars 2g
Protein 0.1g
Ingredients:  Water, barley, wheat, lactose (milk), hops, yeast.

About Big Drop

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Big Drop Brewing: Bold Flavours, Zero Compromise

Immerse yourself in the world of Big Drop Brewing, where non-alcoholic beer takes center stage, bursting with flavor and character. Founded by Rob Fink and James Kindred, Big Drop was born out of a desire to create alcohol-free beers that refused to compromise on taste and quality.

Embracing innovation and creativity, Big Drop Brewing has mastered the art of crafting full-bodied, satisfying non-alcoholic beers that appeal to all. From hoppy IPAs to velvety stouts and refreshing lagers, their award-winning brews cater to a wide range of palates and occasions.

Big Drop is devoted to challenging the norms of alcohol-free beer and proving that you can have it all – exceptional taste, variety, and a healthier choice. So whether you’re a designated driver, seeking a mid-week treat or simply choosing to reduce your alcohol intake, Big Drop Brewing invites you to join them on this flavorful journey and discover the true potential of non-alcoholic beer. Cheers to the revolution!