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Brulo Cascadian Tides Stout – Non Alcohol Stout

Brulo Cascadian Tides Stout stands as a beacon of artisanal beer excellence, providing a diverse array of flavors and scents that cater to the discerning palate of stout enthusiasts. Crafted with meticulous attention and a profound reverence for brewing customs, this stout serves as a testament to the creativity involved in developing a beer that is both intricate and wonderfully gratifying.

The stout showcases an elaborate fusion of superior components, incorporating meticulously chosen malts and hops, which unite to form its unique character. Every sip uncovers layers of complexity, commencing with a sturdy base of roasted malts that impart a profound ebony shade and a smooth, tan head.

Remaining faithful to its genre, Brulo Cascadian Tides Stout presents an aromatic voyage featuring scents of deep chocolate, luscious coffee, and a touch of caramel sweetness, interwoven with understated dark fruit undertones. This richness persists on the palate, where the flavors of dark chocolate and coffee reign supreme, accompanied by hints of caramel, toasted nuts, and a mild sweetness reminiscent of berries.

The beer’s full-bodied quality is offset by a velvety, creamy texture, ensuring that each sip is an opulent experience. The culmination is a skillful fusion of malt sweetness and a subtle hop bitterness, leaving a lasting flavor that beckons further exploration.

Designed for those who value the finer points of a stout, Brulo Cascadian Tides Stout transcends being merely a beer—it represents a celebration of artistry, flavor, and the delight of a flawlessly brewed stout.

Tasting notes

Tasting Notes for Brulo Cascadian Tides Stout:

Experience the rich and hearty character of Brulo Cascadian Tides Stout, a beverage that ensures an odyssey through intricate flavors and scents.

  • Appearance: Pours a deep, impenetrable ebony hue with a dense, creamy tan head, presenting an enticing visual allure.
  • Aroma: A multifaceted blend combining roasted malt, deep chocolate, and coffee, accented by subtle traces of caramel and dark fruit.
  • Taste: The palate is treated to a lavish fusion of flavors. Dark chocolate and roasted coffee take center stage, enhanced by hints of caramel sweetness, toasted nuts, and a whisper of dark berries.
  • Mouthfeel: A full-bodied beverage with a silky, creamy texture. The carbonation is moderate, contributing to the luxurious mouthfeel.
  • Finish: Concludes with a gratifying equilibrium of malt sweetness and mild hop bitterness. The enduring essence of dark chocolate and coffee lingers, leaving a memorable aftertaste.

Brulo Cascadian Tides Stout exemplifies the art of stout brewing, delivering a sensory experience that is both indulgent and intricate.

Brulo Cascadian Tides Stout – Non Alcohol Stout
Nutritional Information Per Can

Nutrient Amount
Energy (Kcal) 56 Kcal

Food Pairings

Brulo Cascadian Tides Stout’s robust and rich profile makes it an exceptional companion for a variety of culinary delights. Here are some pairing suggestions to enhance your gastronomic experience:

  • Grilled Red Meats: The stout’s deep roasted malt flavours complement the smoky richness of grilled steaks or barbecued ribs.
  • Hearty Stews: Pair with rich and hearty stews, where the beer’s complexity balances the savoury depth of beef or lamb stews.
  • Chocolate Desserts: Enjoy with dark chocolate-based desserts, such as a decadent chocolate lava cake or a rich brownie, to bring out the beer’s cocoa notes.
  • Blue Cheese: Savour alongside bold blue cheeses, where the stout’s richness cuts through the cheese’s intensity.
  • Seafood: Surprisingly versatile, try with grilled or smoked seafood, like salmon or oysters, to complement the beer’s smoky undertones.


To completely appreciate Brulo Cascadian Tides Stout, think about these serving recommendations:

  • Appropriate Glassware: Serve in a stout glass or a snifter to focus the aromas and enhance the tasting experience.
  • Ideal Temperature: Best enjoyed at slightly warmer temperatures, around 12-14°C, to allow the complexity of flavoursto reveal.
  • Pouring Technique: Gently pour into the glass, let a moderate head form, and this will release the aromatics.
  • Pairing Atmosphere: Perfect for sipping in a calm environment, maybe by a warm fire or as a post-dinner delight.
  • Experience Enhancement: Think about enjoying this stout with a great novel or alongside a jazz vinyl, to establish a fully immersive sensory experience.

About Brulo

Established in 2019 by James Brown, Brulo is an innovative brewery with a mission to produce exceptional, hop-forward non-alcoholic craft beer for the contemporary world. With a strong commitment to flavor, quality, and creativity, Brulo started with a simple pledge: to craft beers that they truly adore. Their unwavering focus on utilizing the finest ingredients, innovative yeast cultures, and modern brewing techniques guarantees that their beers are always alcohol-free, vegan, and never compromise on taste.

As an independent brewery, Brulo delights in the freedom to experiment and push boundaries. This philosophy is reflected in their diverse range of offerings, with a continual flow of distinct and thrilling beers entering the market each year. From their Single Hop Series to their Double Dry Hop Series and collaborations with other brewing innovators, Brulo takes pride in their ability to consistently innovate, educate, and surpass expectations.

Design is a crucial element of the Brulo experience, and their striking branding sets them apart. Inspired by 1960s Japanese poster design, their designer James Ockelford stumbled upon the captivating image of an eye. Intrigued by the ubiquity of eye icons across various cultures, the team decided to introduce this bold symbol to the world of beer. The wide-open eye represents being fully awakened, present, and sober, gazing towards the future with a modernist gesture.

Since their initial launch, Brulo has made a splash in the industry with their bold and boundary-pushing releases. Their small yet dedicated team has grown alongside the demand for high-quality alcohol-free beers. Today, Brulo’s beers can be found in independent stores and online retailers throughout the UK, and their reach extends to 15 countries worldwide. This is just the beginning of Brulo’s thrilling journey into the exciting realm of non-alcoholic beer, and they are poised to continue making waves in the industry.