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Can You Add Vodka to Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Do you want to make your non-alcoholic beer more like full-strength beer? Have you wondered whether adding vodka will do the trick? You might be on to something.

You can certainly add vodka to non-alcoholic beer, but you need to think about how it will change the drink, and consider whether you’d be better off buying regular beer in the first place!

Can You Add Vodka to Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Yes, you can add vodka to non-alcoholic beer. Adding vodka to non-alcoholic beer will make it alcoholic and more like regular beer. However, it won’t make your drink taste exactly the same as a regular beer.

Reasons for the Mix

  1. Achieving the Alcoholic Kick: For those who miss the slight buzz of alcoholic beer, adding vodka can bridge that gap.
  2. Taste Enhancement: While non-alcoholic beer has its unique taste, a touch of vodka may bring it a little closer to the flavor profile of alcoholic beer.
  3. Customizable Strength: You can adjust the amount of vodka to match your preferred level of alcohol content, making the drink as light or strong as you want.

Things to Consider

When transforming your non-alcoholic beer with vodka, consider the following:

  1. Caloric Content: Both vodka and non-alcoholic beer have calories. Combining them increases the total caloric content of the drink.
  2. Drink Responsibly: Introducing vodka means introducing alcohol. Make sure to drink responsibly, especially if you’re adjusting the drink to a higher alcohol content.
  3. Taste Variances: Depending on the brand and type of vodka and non-alcoholic beer, the resulting taste can vary. You might need some trials to find the perfect blend.


Does vodka make non-alcoholic beer taste like regular beer?
While it brings the drink closer to an alcoholic beer’s profile, the exact taste can vary based on the brands used.

Is it safe to drive after adding vodka to non-alcoholic beer?
No. Adding vodka introduces alcohol to the drink. It’s unsafe and illegal to drive under its influence.

How much vodka should I pour into my non-alcoholic beer?
It’s up to your preference. Begin with a small amount and adjust to achieve the desired alcoholic content and taste.

Does this mix change the drink’s nutritional facts?
Yes. Adding vodka increases the calories and introduces alcohol into the drink.

Do many people enhance their non-alcoholic beer with vodka?
It isn’t a mainstream practice, but those wanting to replicate an alcoholic beer experience without buying one might experiment with this mix.


To sum up, adding vodka to non-alcoholic beer can provide the alcoholic sensation and taste some drinkers might be longing for. It’s a way to tailor the drink closer to the experience of regular beer.

However, as with any alcoholic content, it’s crucial to consume in moderation and act responsibly.

If you’re curious about achieving that “real” beer feel, this mix might be your answer. Just remember to find the blend that’s just right for you.