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Can You Get A Hangover From Non-Alcoholic Beer?

The main benefit of drinking non alcoholic beer is that it doesn’t come with the same side effects as regular beer, including hangovers. However, some people still feel that they get a hangover from non alcoholic beer, or find that non alcoholic beer gives them a headache.

So, what’s going on?!

In this article, we explain whether non alcoholic beer can give you a hangover, and why you might get headaches after drinking non alcoholic beer.

Can Non Alcoholic Beer Give You A Hangover?

No, you cannot get a hangover from non-alcoholic beer. Non-alcoholic beer contains little or no alcohol, so it does not have the same dehydrating effect as regular beer and can’t give you a hangover.

Though the answer to the question “can you get a hangover from non alcoholic beer” is no, non alcoholic beer can still have side effects.

Sometimes, the side effects of non alcoholic beer can feel like a hangover. For example, in some circumstances, it is possible for non alcoholic beer to give you a headache.

Can Non Alcoholic Beer Give You A Headache?

Yes, it is possible for non alcoholic beer to give you a headache. Non alcoholic beer headaches can be caused by additives and preservatives, histamines, tyramine or carbonation.

  • Additives and Preservatives: Some non-alcoholic beers contain additives, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners that could trigger headaches in some people.
  • Histamines: Non-alcoholic beer can contain histamines, which can cause headaches, especially in those with a histamine sensitivity or intolerance.
  • Tyramine: Another biogenic amine found in fermented drinks like beer, tyramine can trigger migraines in sensitive individuals.
  • Carbonation: Carbonated drinks can sometimes lead to headaches in some people. The carbon dioxide used in carbonation can increase gastric pressure and lead to bloating, which may cause headaches.

Another potential cause of non-alcoholic beer headaches is the placebo effect. This is where the expectation of a headache causes you to actually experience an actual headache.

So, if you think that drinking beer (including non-alcoholic beer) might give you a headache, the placebo effect can mean that you feel a real headache purely due to your expectations!

Whatever their cause though, it is important to note that a non alcoholic beer headache is not the same as a true hangover and are typically mild and short-lived.

FAQs About Non Alcoholic Beer Hangovers

Why does non alcoholic beer give me a headache?

Non alcoholic beer may give you a headache due to the additives and preservatives it contains, as well as potential allergens such as gluten.

Also, many non alcoholic beers contain artificial sweeteners, which can trigger migraines or headaches in some people.

Why Does Heineken 0.0 give me a headache?

Unlike some non alcoholic beers, Heineken 0.0 does not contain additives, preservatives or artificial sweeteners, which are often the cause of non alcoholic beer headaches. However, Heineken 0.0 does contain gluten, which can trigger headaches in some people.

If you find that Heineken 0.0 consistently gives you a headache, you may want to try a gluten-free brand of non alcoholic beer.

Why do I feel weird after drinking non alcoholic beer?

Feeling “weird” after drinking non alcoholic beer may be psychological, since our bodies often associate the taste of beer with the effects of alcohol.

However, it can also be due to the physical effects of ingredients within the beer. Artificial sweeteners and additives can sometimes cause a sensation of feeling “off” or unwell.

Can non alcoholic beer make you tired?

Non alcoholic beer doesn’t make you tired in the same way as alcoholic beer.

Non-alcoholic beer contains hops, which are known to cause tiredness, but the amount of hops in most non-alcoholic beers probably isn’t enough to produce a pronounced sedative effect in most people.

However, just like regular beer, non alcoholic beer often contains carbohydrates and sugars, which can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels followed by a sudden drop, resulting in feelings of fatigue.

In Conclusion: Hangovers and Non Alcoholic Beer

While you can’t get a traditional hangover from non alcoholic beer, certain ingredients in these beverages can still cause headaches or feelings of being tired or “off.”

If you’re sensitive to these effects, it might be best to limit your intake or try different brands to find one that works best for you.

Non alcoholic beers are a great alternative for those wanting to enjoy the social aspect of drinking without the negative effects of alcohol, but like all things, they’re best enjoyed in moderation.