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Days Alcohol Free Pale Ale

Embark on a Flavorful Adventure with Days Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale

Envision a symphony of flavor notes harmonizing on your taste buds as you indulge in Days Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale. This captivating brew has been meticulously crafted to please your senses, blending lively citrus hints with a subtle, earthy foundation that will leave you craving more. Free from the fog of alcohol, your right-brain will continue to spark creativity, inspiration, and boundless imagination.

Imagine exploring a spectrum of vibrant flavors, each sip an invitation to venture into unexplored territory. Days Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale is your ticket to unlocking a world of refreshment and creative expression, where every sip is a thrilling, sensory journey. Cheers to new experiences!

Vegan Friendly

This beverage contains no animal products or by-products whatsoever.

Tasting notes

Days Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale tasting notes:

  1. Appearance: Days Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale pours a bright, hazy amber color with a fluffy, off-white head that lingers and leaves an appealing lacing on the glass as it slowly dissipates.
  2. Aroma: The aroma captivates your senses with a delightful mix of lively citrus, tropical fruit, and piney hop notes, complemented by a subtle caramel malt undertone, creating an inviting and refreshing bouquet.
  3. Taste: On the palate, Days Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale delivers a well-balanced blend of bold hop flavors and smooth malt sweetness. The lively citrus and juicy tropical fruit notes are beautifully harmonized with a delicate caramel malt backbone, resulting in an enticing and flavorful taste experience.
  4. Mouthfeel: The mouthfeel is light to medium-bodied, with a moderate carbonation that adds a refreshing and lively quality, enhancing the overall drinkability and enjoyment of this non-alcoholic pale ale.
  5. Finish: The finish is clean and crisp, with a lingering hop bitterness and a pleasant fruity sweetness that leaves you longing for another sip.

Days Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale is an enticing and flavorful alcohol-free pale ale that pleases with its well-balanced blend of bold hop flavors and smooth malt sweetness. With its captivating aroma, enjoyable taste, and refreshing mouthfeel, it’s the ideal non-alcoholic option for those seeking a truly satisfying and delightful experience, showcasing Days Brewery’s commitment to crafting innovative and high-quality beverages for everyone to enjoy.

Days Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale
Nutritional Information per 330ml

Nutrient Amount
Energy (Kcal) 69
Carbs 14.8g
Sugars 7.6g
Ingredients:  Water, Malted Barley, Hop Extracts and Natural Flavouring.

Recommendations for Serving

Serving Suggestions: DAYS Alcohol Free Pale Ale

Enhance your DAYS Alcohol Free Pale Ale experience with these delightful serving suggestions:

  • Temperature: For the optimal taste, serve DAYS Alcohol Free Pale Ale cold at approximately 6-8°C.
  • Glassware:Select a tulip-shaped or nonic pint glass to display the beer’s lovely hue, release its aromatic characteristics, and maintain a foamy head.
  • Food Pairings: DAYS Alcohol Free Pale Ale pairs superbly with a variety of dishes, such as:
    • Grilled meats, including burgers and sausages, which complement the beer’s hoppy and citrusy notes.
    • Spicy dishes, like Thai curries or Mexican tacos, which are balanced by the beer’s crisp and invigorating character.
    • Light salads with tangy vinaigrettes that enhance the beer’s citrusy zest.
    • Sharp cheeses, such as aged cheddar or blue cheese, which contrast with the beer’s hoppy bitterness.
  • Occasions: DAYS Alcohol Free Pale Ale is ideal for all occasions, whether it’s a relaxed barbecue, a lively dinner party, or a quiet evening at home. Enjoy the invigorating taste and creativity-inspiring attributes of this alcohol-free beer whenever you want to unwind and stimulate your imagination.

About Days

Days Logo

Days Brewing, an innovative and modern brewery, was established by a pair of enthusiastic and forward-thinking entrepreneurs who aimed to transform the realm of non-alcoholic beverages. As health-conscious individuals, they acknowledged a growing demand for high-quality, alcohol-free drinks that didn’t compromise on taste or enjoyment.

With a shared vision, the founders set out to create a new type of non-alcoholic beers that would deliver exceptional flavor and quality without the adverse effects associated with alcohol consumption. Through extensive research, experimentation, and collaboration with skilled brewers, Days Brewing was established.

Utilizing state-of-the-art brewing techniques and the finest natural ingredients, Days Brewing has successfully crafted a range of outstanding alcohol-free beers that cater to the tastes and preferences of a wide variety of consumers. From crisp and refreshing lagers to robust and flavorsome stouts, the Days Brewing portfolio offers something for everyone.

Devoted to sustainability and responsible practices, Days Brewing operates with a focus on minimizing their environmental impact and supporting local communities. This commitment to social and environmental responsibility is evident in every aspect of their business, from sourcing ingredients to packaging and distribution.

As Days Brewing continues to grow and evolve, their mission remains the same: to provide delicious, alcohol-free alternatives that allow people to enjoy great-tasting beers without compromising their health, wellbeing, or social experiences. With their innovative approach, dedication to quality, and unwavering passion for creating exceptional non-alcoholic beers, Days Brewing is forging a bright and exciting future in the world of brewing.