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Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Affect Sleep?

Sleep is vital, and the choices we make in our diet and lifestyle can greatly influence the quality of our rest.

One choice that might come to mind is whether or not drinking non-alcoholic beer before bed has any effects on our sleep.

Let’s dive into this topic and see what the research and our experiences have shown.

Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Affect Sleep?

Yes, non-alcoholic beer can have some effects on sleep. The drink contains hops, which have mild sedative properties. This could help some relax and fall asleep more easily. However, it doesn’t guarantee deep or prolonged sleep.

The carbohydrates in non-alcoholic beer may also affect sleep in some people, though generally not in a significant way as non-alcoholic beer is usually low in carbs.

Non-Alcoholic Beer Ingredients’ Affect On Sleep

Hops and Sleep

Hops are known for their calming properties. Their mild sedative effect can sometimes assist in relaxation, potentially making the onset of sleep quicker.

However, the influence of hops on sleep quality and duration remains inconclusive.

Carbohydrates and Sleep

Non-alcoholic beer contains carbohydrates, which could potentially impact blood sugar levels.

In large quantities, this might influence sleep patterns. But for most, the carbohydrate content in a typical serving of non-alcoholic beer won’t be enough to have any effect.

Psychological Factors

There’s also the mental side of things. For many, having a drink in the evening is a ritual that signals the end of the day and time to wind down.

This psychological aspect might help some people fall asleep, even if the drink is non-alcoholic.


Non-alcoholic beer can influence the sleep process for some people, mainly due to its hops content which promotes relaxation. However, the drink’s impact varies from person to person.

For the best sleep health, it’s wise to be aware of how your body responds and adjust your evening habits accordingly.