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Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Have Probiotics?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to sip on your non-alcoholic beer after a long day and know it was doing you some good?

Probiotics are just one of many healthy ingredients we might wonder about. But does non-alcoholic beer contain these beneficial bacteria known to promote a healthy gut?

The short answer is no, the standard non-alcoholic beer does not typically contain probiotics. However, like every story, there are layers to this answer.

Why Some People Think Non-Alcoholic Beer Might Have Probiotics

When it comes to fermented foods and drinks, many naturally think of probiotics. This is because some fermented products, like yogurt and kimchi, are indeed loaded with these beneficial bacteria.

Beer, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, is a result of fermentation. Thus, it’s easy to see why some might assume that non-alcoholic beer would have probiotics.

The Brewing Process and Probiotics

Beer, in general, is brewed using yeast and sometimes, other microorganisms. However, the brewing process, which involves boiling and then fermentation, usually does not favor the survival of most bacteria, including the beneficial ones.

Furthermore, before packaging, beer often undergoes a pasteurization or filtration step that ensures any remaining microorganisms are removed, guaranteeing the drink’s stability and preventing any unexpected fermentations or contaminations.

Special Brews

That said, there are some specially crafted beers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, designed with probiotics in mind. These beers are typically not pasteurized and are cold-stored to maintain the probiotics’ viability.

So, while the standard non-alcoholic beer on your grocery store shelf likely doesn’t have probiotics, some niche options might.


In wrapping up, the standard non-alcoholic beer does not contain probiotics. The brewing process is not conducive to their survival.

However, for those on the lookout, there are specially formulated non-alcoholic beers with added probiotics.