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Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Make You Feel Good?

We often associate feelings of relaxation and joy with traditional beers, but what about their non-alcoholic counterparts? Does non-alcoholic beer make you feel good?

The straightforward answer is, non-alcoholic beer can induce feelings of relaxation and pleasure in some people, but it’s not purely due to alcohol content.

Let’s explore this further.

Why Some People Feel Good After Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer

When people consume non-alcoholic beer, several factors can contribute to a sense of well-being:

  1. Association with Social Settings: Often, people consume drinks in social settings. The mere act of drinking, regardless of alcohol content, can produce feelings of relaxation and happiness due to the social context.
  2. Taste and Satisfaction: For many, the taste of beer can be satisfying. The flavor, aroma, and mouthfeel might be associated with good times in the past, leading to feelings of nostalgia and contentment.
  3. Placebo Effect: If someone expects to feel relaxed after drinking a non-alcoholic beer, they might actually start to feel that way due to the placebo effect. Our brains can sometimes trick us into feeling certain ways based on our expectations.
  4. Biological Responses: Certain ingredients in non-alcoholic beer, like hops, can have mild sedative effects, leading to relaxation. Though the effect is not strong, it might play a role in how some people feel post-consumption.

Factors that Don’t Contribute to Feeling Good

It’s essential to differentiate between the feelings induced by alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer:

  1. Absence of Alcohol: Non-alcoholic beer has minimal to no alcohol content. Thus, the euphoric feelings commonly associated with alcohol consumption are not present.
  2. No Impact on Brain Chemistry: Unlike alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beer doesn’t make you drunk alter brain chemistry to induce feelings of relaxation or happiness.
  3. No Disinhibition: Alcohol often leads to lowered inhibitions. Non-alcoholic beer doesn’t have this effect, so don’t expect to become the life of the party after drinking it.


Does non-alcoholic beer have any sedative effects? Yes, some ingredients in non-alcoholic beer, like hops, have mild sedative effects, but these are subtle.

Will I feel the same after drinking non-alcoholic beer as after regular beer? No, while there might be some feelings of relaxation, the euphoria associated with alcohol won’t be present.

Can the placebo effect make me feel good after drinking non-alcoholic beer? It’s possible. If you expect to feel relaxed, your brain might produce those feelings, even without alcohol’s influence.


To sum up, while non-alcoholic beer doesn’t deliver the euphoria associated with its alcoholic counterpart, it can still evoke feelings of relaxation and contentment in some people.

This is largely due to factors like the social settings in which it’s consumed, its taste and satisfaction, and potential placebo effects.

On the other hand, non-alcoholic beer lacks the alcohol-induced changes in brain chemistry and lowered inhibitions.

Still, it’s fair to say, non-alcoholic beer can definitely make you feel good!