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Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Make You Pee More?

When enjoying a cold non-alcoholic beer on a hot day, you might wonder whether the drink will send you to the restroom more often than usual.

The answer is that, like any drink, non-alcoholic beer will make you pee, but it isn’t a diuretic in the same way as alcohol is.

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Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Make You Pee More?

Non-alcoholic beer is not a diuretic like full-strength beer is. While non-alcoholic beer can make you feel the urge to pee, this is only due to the volume of liquid, not because of any particular diuretic effect.

When you drink a lot of any liquid, you’re naturally going to have to empty your bladder more frequently.

Why Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Make You Pee?

Whenever you consume liquids, they make their way to your stomach and are absorbed, eventually reaching the kidneys. Here, they get filtered, with excess liquid sent to the bladder as urine.

If you drink large quantities of any liquid in a short time, including non-alcoholic beer, this process is expedited, leading to more frequent bathroom trips.

How Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Compare to Regular Beer?

Alcoholic beverages, especially those with higher alcohol content, can act as diuretics. This means they can increase urine production beyond what would be expected from the volume of liquid consumed.

Alcohol achieves this by inhibiting the release of vasopressin, an antidiuretic hormone.

Without adequate vasopressin, the kidneys don’t reabsorb as much water, leading to increased urine production.

Non-alcoholic beer, having minimal to no alcohol, lacks this pronounced diuretic effect.

Does Carbonation Play a Role?

The carbonation in non-alcoholic beer might give a sensation of fullness faster than a non-carbonated drink, making some people feel the need to pee sooner.

However, this is more about perception and comfort than an actual increase in urine production.


Does non-alcoholic beer have diuretic properties like its alcoholic counterpart?
No, non-alcoholic beer doesn’t have the same diuretic properties as regular beer because it lacks significant alcohol content.

Would drinking non-alcoholic beer slowly reduce my trips to the bathroom?
Drinking slowly may help in spacing out your bathroom visits by giving your body more time to process the liquid intake gradually.

Will all non-alcoholic beer brands affect me the same way?
The effects can slightly vary depending on the ingredients and carbonation levels, but the primary factor is the liquid volume.

If I mix non-alcoholic beer with other drinks, will I pee more?
If you increase your total liquid intake, you’ll likely have to visit the bathroom more often.

Is frequent urination a concern when drinking non-alcoholic beer?
Not specifically. But if you experience excessive urination beyond what seems normal for your liquid intake, it might be good to consult a doctor.


Non-alcoholic beer, in itself, doesn’t have notable diuretic properties. However, like any drink, non-alcoholic beer increases the need to urinate simply due to the volume of liquid consumed.

Regular beer, with its alcohol content, does act as a diuretic, causing increased urination.

So, unlike regular beer, non-alcoholic beer won’t make you pee more. When enjoying a non-alcoholic beer, your bathroom trips can be attributed to the amount you’ve consumed, rather than any diuretic effect.