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Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Raise Blood Pressure?

Have you ever wondered whether enjoying a non-alcoholic beer could have an effect on your blood pressure?

Well, wonder no more! We’re here to unpack the answer.

Does Non-Alcoholic Beer Raise Blood Pressure?

There is no evidence to suggest that non-alcoholic beer directly raises blood pressure. However, some ingredients or processes involved in making non-alcoholic beer may have an indirect influence on blood pressure for certain people.

The Link Between Sodium and Blood Pressure

One primary concern when it comes to blood pressure is sodium. Some non-alcoholic beers may contain sodium, which can raise blood pressure in people sensitive to salt.

The sodium content can vary based on the brand and method of production. So, if you’re monitoring your salt intake for health reasons, it would be wise to check the label before indulging.

The Potential Benefits of Hops

On the flip side, hops are a common ingredient in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers and some research suggests that hops might have a mild relaxing effect on blood vessels. This could potentially reduce blood pressure.

That being said, the overall impact of hops in non-alcoholic beer on blood pressure remains inconclusive.

What About Alcohol’s Role?

It’s worth noting that alcohol itself can play a role in blood pressure. Regular heavy alcohol consumption is linked with increased blood pressure, so switching to non-alcoholic alternatives might be beneficial for those looking to maintain healthy levels.

However, it’s essential to view this drink as just one component in the broader picture of overall health and lifestyle.


Does non-alcoholic beer contain sodium?
Yes, some non-alcoholic beers can contain sodium. The amount varies based on the brand and production method.

Are there any potential health benefits from non-alcoholic beer?
Yes, the hops in non-alcoholic beer have been studied for potential health benefits, such as a mild relaxing effect on blood vessels.

Can non-alcoholic beer replace regular beer for those monitoring blood pressure?
While non-alcoholic beer doesn’t contain alcohol, which can raise blood pressure when consumed heavily, it’s still essential to consider other ingredients, like sodium.

Is the sodium in non-alcoholic beer a concern for everyone?
Not necessarily. However, people sensitive to salt or those with specific health conditions should be mindful of their intake.

Is the research conclusive on non-alcoholic beer and blood pressure?
No, while there are some indications, more research is needed to make definitive statements about non-alcoholic beer’s impact on blood pressure.


The relationship between non-alcoholic beer and blood pressure isn’t black and white. While there’s no strong evidence suggesting that the drink directly raises blood pressure, elements like sodium content could be a concern for some.

On the other hand, potential benefits from ingredients like hops might offer some advantages.

As always, when considering changes to diet or lifestyle for health reasons, consulting with a healthcare professional is the best approach.