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First Chop Yes Anytime IPA – Non Alcoholic IPA

Presenting the outstanding YES ANYTIME IPA – Alcohol-Free IPA, a flavor-packed brew by First Chop Brewing Co., perfect for any moment, any time! This exceptional alcohol-free beer showcases the brewery’s dedication to creating beverages that appeal to a broad audience while maintaining taste and quality.

Brewed with a carefully selected blend of hops and a skilled brewing process, this non-alcoholic IPA delivers all the robust hoppy flavors and crisp, invigorating finish you would anticipate from a traditional IPA. Abundant in citrus and tropical fruit notes and complemented by a sturdy malt foundation, YES ANYTIME IPA ensures you can relish a fulfilling, full-bodied beer experience without the alcohol.

With its captivating golden hue and foamy head, this beer invites you to unwind and savor every sip. Whether you’re celebrating with friends, enjoying a tranquil evening at home, or simply craving a delightful, hop-forward beer, YES ANYTIME IPA is the ideal option for any occasion. So, embrace the ultimate alcohol-free IPA and let YES ANYTIME IPA elevate your drinking experience to new heights!

Understanding Gluten Free

Gluten, a protein complex primarily found in grains such as wheat, barley, rye, and oats, is a common component in various beverages, including beer and some wines. However, gluten-free drinks abstain from these ingredients. For a beverage to be labeled as ‘gluten-free’, it must contain less than 20 parts per million of gluten, which is essentially a tiny amount!
On a more serious note, the legal definition of ‘gluten-free’ in the UK, as outlined by the European Commission Regulation (EC) No. 41/2009, mandates that foodstuffs must contain no more than 20 mg/kg (ppm) of gluten to qualify for the label. This regulation ensures that products marketed as ‘gluten-free’ are safe for those with coeliac disease and gluten intolerance to consume.

Vegan Friendly

This beverage contains no animal-derived ingredients or by-products whatsoever.

Tasting notes

Presenting the remarkable flavor profile for YES-ANYTIME IPA – Alcohol-Free IPA, an impressive brew crafted by First Chop Brewing Co. to engage your senses and redefine the enjoyment of beer without the alcohol:

  • Appearance: A vibrant, slightly hazy golden hue with a frothy, off-white head that lingers on the surface.
  • Aroma: A symphony of zesty citrus, tropical fruits, and floral notes, accompanied by a subtle hint of pine and a touch of malt sweetness.
  • Taste: Bold hop flavors take center stage, with juicy citrus and pineapple notes leading the way, followed by a balanced malt backbone that adds depth and complexity. The finish is refreshingly crisp and pleasantly bitter, leaving you craving another sip.

These flavor notes showcase the expert craftsmanship of First Chop Brewing Co. in creating an exceptional alcohol-free IPA that delivers all the flavor and character you’d expect from a traditional IPA. Indulge in the sensory experience of YES-ANYTIME IPA and discover the true potential of non-alcoholic craft beer.

First Chop YES Anytime IPA – Alcohol-Free India Pale Ale
Nutritional Information Per 100ml

Nutrient Amount
Energy (Kcal) 12kcal
Fat 0.3g
Carbs 2.2g
Sugars 1.8g
Protein 0.8g

About First Chop

First Chop Brewery

First Chop Brewing Co. was founded in 2012 by Richard Garner, a dedicated beer enthusiast who decided to transform his hobby into a business. Headquartered in Manchester, UK, the independent brewery embarked with the goal of crafting outstanding craft beers that are rich in flavor and personality. First Chop has since earned recognition for its commitment to quality and innovative brewing methods.

One of the notable aspects of First Chop is their dedication to producing gluten-free and vegan-friendly beers, ensuring that their products are accessible to a broader range of consumers. They take pride in using the finest ingredients, maintaining an eco-friendly approach, and creating beers that cater to various dietary needs without compromising on taste.

Over time, First Chop has expanded its selection, offering an exciting range of styles from traditional ales to distinctive and imaginative flavor blends, such as the popular OOH Pucker Pineapple Sour. Their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has been acknowledged with numerous accolades, and they continue to be an outstanding brewery in the UK craft beer scene.

One of their exceptional offerings is the YES-ANYTIME IPA – Non-Alcoholic IPA. This gluten-free and vegan-friendly beer delivers the bold flavors and hoppy character you’d anticipate from a classic IPA, but without the alcohol. Designed for those who want to savor the rich flavor of an IPA at any time, the YES-ANYTIME IPA demonstrates that First Chop Brewing Co. continues to push the boundaries of craft beer, delivering exceptional quality and taste in every sip.