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Hofmeister Ultra Low – Non Alcoholic Bavarian Beer

Hofmeister Ultra Low is the most recent creation from the distinguished British brewery Hofmeister. This new beer combines the rich flavor and depth that Hofmeister is recognized for with an incredibly low alcohol and calorie content. It’s the ideal option for beer enthusiasts who appreciate the subtle flavors of craft beer while also prioritizing a healthier lifestyle and moderate alcohol consumption. Despite its ultra-low alcohol content, Hofmeister Ultra Low does not compromise on taste, offering a satisfying, sharp finish and a well-balanced malt profile with faint hops nuances.

Tasting notes

Hofmeister Ultra Low has a transparent, golden hue with a foamy white head that dissipates quickly. Aromas of biscuity malt, fresh grain, and a hint of citrus may be detected on the nose, reflecting the subtle hops used.

Upon the first sip, you can expect a light to medium body with a smooth texture. It would exemplify an elegant balance between the toasted malt character and a subtle, yet pleasantly noticeable hop bitterness. This equilibrium would allow the flavors of fresh grain, light caramel, and a hint of citrusy hops to shine through without overwhelming the palate.

The finish of Hofmeister Ultra Low is likely to be crisp and invigorating, delivering a clean and somewhat dry conclusion, making it ideal for a sweltering summer day or as a leisurely sipper when seeking the full-bodied beer flavor without the high alcohol content.

However, these are speculative notes and for a more accurate description, it is advisable to seek specific information about Hofmeister Ultra Low or sample it firsthand.

Hofmeister Ultra Low – Non Alcoholic Bavarian Beer
Nutritional Information per 100ml

Nutrient Amount
Energy (Kcal) 19
Ingredients:  natural mineral water, barley from the farms that surround the brewery and hops grown in the famous Hallertau region

About Hofmeister

In the beginning

Back in the eighties, Hofmeister was introduced in the UK as a German-style lager. George, a charismatic bear in a yellow jacket and a pork pie hat, emerged from the Bavarian Forest to promote it, and many people were enticed to follow him ‘for great lager’. But this 3.2% beer was a weak imitation, a fugazi brewed entirely in Britain, that had more to do with Berkshire than it did with Bavaria. Though popular in its day, by 2003 most people had seen past the artifice – the beer was axed and George the Bear quickly forgotten.

Two friends

If not for two friends and their unwavering belief that the real treasure was out there somewhere, the tale might have ended there. However, Spencer Chambers and Richard Longhurst dream big, so after purchasing the Hofmeister brand from the multinational company that owned it, they loaded George into the back of their Mini and headed to Germany in search of treasure!

Finest lagers in the world

Spencer and Richard knew that the finest lagers originate from Bavaria, where a 500-year-old purity law ensures the beer is brewed from only the highest-quality ingredients. They spent months scouting the area before discovering the ideal location just east of Munich: a fourth-generation private family brewery that uses the purest water drawn from an underground lake beneath the Ebersberger Forest, local barley processed in their own maltings, and traditional hops grown just a few kilometers away. Genuine treasure.