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Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Kosher?

You might enjoy sipping on a cold non-alcoholic beer during a hot summer day or when hanging out with friends. But if you follow kosher dietary laws, you might wonder: Is non-alcoholic beer kosher?

The quick answer is, it can be, but it depends on various factors such as ingredients, production process, and certification. Let’s unpack the specifics to give you a clearer understanding.

Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Kosher: A Quick Answer

Some non-alcoholic beer is kosher, but not all. To be kosher, non-alcoholic beer must meet certain requirements. These include kosher-certified ingredients, a kosher brewing process, and proper supervision by a reliable kosher certifying agency.

If a product meets these conditions, it will usually display a kosher symbol or “hechsher” on its packaging to indicate its kosher status.

One example of a kosher non-alcoholic beer is Cobra Zero.

It’s important to be careful, as sometimes the regular version of a beer can be kosher, but the non-alcoholic version isn’t. This is the case with Heineken 0.0, where the regular and lite versions are koscher, but Heineken 0.0 isn’t.

Why Kosher Certification Matters

Kosher certification involves more than just reading the ingredient list on a package. It ensures that the entire production process, from the sourcing of ingredients to the manufacturing and even packaging, adheres to kosher dietary laws.

A reliable kosher certification agency provides this verification. Their symbol on a product’s packaging is a guarantee that the drink complies with kosher rules.

Ingredients: What to Look For

For a non-alcoholic beer to be kosher, every ingredient must be kosher. This involves not only the main ingredients like water, grains, and hops, but also any flavorings or additives.

Some non-alcoholic beers contain additional flavors or components that may not be kosher. It is crucial to verify the certification status of these extra elements as well.

Equipment and Production

The equipment used in brewing non-alcoholic beer should also be kosher-certified. Any machinery that has processed non-kosher items would make the beer non-kosher, unless it has undergone a kosherization process.

A reliable kosher certification agency usually supervises this aspect of production as well.

Where to Find Kosher Non-Alcoholic Beer

If you’re looking for kosher non-alcoholic beer, start by checking your local grocery store or online retailers. The kosher section often has a range of options.

Always look for a kosher symbol on the package, as that is your best assurance that the product is kosher.


What does a kosher symbol look like?
A kosher symbol, also known as a hechsher, can take various forms but often includes a “K” or a “U” enclosed within a circle or other shape.

Can I trust any kosher symbol?
Not all kosher symbols are equally reliable. Some are internationally recognized, while others are not as widely accepted. Make sure to check the credibility of the certifying agency.

Do all non-alcoholic beers have non-kosher ingredients?
No, not all non-alcoholic beers contain non-kosher ingredients. Many are made with basic ingredients like water, hops, and grains, which can be kosher. The key is to ensure the entire production process is kosher-certified.

Is the equipment used for brewing beer usually kosher?
The equipment itself is neither kosher nor non-kosher. What matters is whether it has been used to process non-kosher items and whether it has been properly kosherized if needed.

How can I find out if a specific brand of non-alcoholic beer is kosher?
The easiest way is to look for a kosher symbol on the packaging. You can also contact the manufacturer or check their website for kosher information.


Non-alcoholic beer can be kosher if it meets specific criteria, including kosher ingredients, a kosher production process, and credible certification.

If you adhere to kosher dietary laws and enjoy non-alcoholic beer, ensure that the drink you choose has a reliable kosher symbol.