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Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Less Calorific?

Imagine sitting back and sipping on a refreshing non-alcoholic beer after a long day. You’d probably wonder if you’re saving on calories as you’re cutting the alcohol.

Does non-alcoholic beer contain fewer calories than its alcoholic counterpart? The simple response is, yes, most non-alcoholic beers tend to have fewer calories.

Let’s dive into the specifics.

Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Less Calorific?

Generally speaking, non-alcoholic beers contain fewer calories than traditional beers. The primary reason is that alcohol itself contributes a significant amount of calories. By eliminating or reducing alcohol, the caloric content usually drops.

3 Factors That Affect Calories in Non-Alcoholic Beer

The three main factors that influence the calorie content of non-alcoholic beer are the beer’s carb content, added sugars and additives, and natural sugars from the brewing processes.

1. Carbohydrate Content

Most beers, including non-alcoholic ones, derive a good portion of their calories from carbohydrates. The malted grains used in brewing produce sugars, which can increase the carbohydrate content. However, the fermentation process converts many of these sugars into alcohol in regular beers.

Since non-alcoholic beers have little to no alcohol, they may sometimes have slightly higher carbohydrate counts due to residual sugars.

2. Sugars and Additives

Some non-alcoholic beers might have added sugars to enhance the taste, making up for the lack of alcohol depth. These added sugars can increase the caloric value.

Additionally, other additives or flavor enhancers, which are occasionally used, can also contribute to the drink’s overall calorie count.

3. Brewing Process

The method and duration of brewing can determine how much sugar is extracted from the grains, influencing the final caloric value of the drink.


Wrapping up, while non-alcoholic beers usually come with a lower calorie tag than alcoholic versions, the overall nutritional profile can be influenced by various factors like ingredients, brewing techniques, and brand-specific recipes.

When choosing a non-alcoholic beer, considering other aspects like carbohydrate content, sugars, and additives can give a more complete picture of its health impact. As always, checking the nutritional label can offer clarity, and moderation remains the key to enjoying your drink.