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Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Low Histamine?

While some people might sip on a non-alcoholic beer and wonder about the calorie or sugar content, others might question whether the beer contains histamines.

So, does non-alcoholic beer have low histamine?

The straightforward answer is that non-alcoholic beer can vary in its histamine content. Some are indeed low in histamine, while others might have higher levels.

Let’s get into the specifics.

What is Histamine?

Histamine is a compound our bodies produce as part of the immune response.

When present in excess, it can cause symptoms like itching, sneezing, and headaches, especially in people sensitive to histamine or those with histamine intolerance.

Is Non-Alcoholic Beer Low in Histamine?

Histamine can be found in a variety of fermented foods and drinks. The fermentation process promotes the growth of bacteria that produce histamine.

Since non-alcoholic beer undergoes fermentation just like its alcoholic counterpart, it’s possible for it to contain histamine.

The amount of histamine in non-alcoholic beer depends on the specific fermentation method and the ingredients used. Some non-alcoholic beers are low in histamine, while others are higher in histamine.

Comparing Histamine Levels in Non-Alcoholic Beer

While the brewing process for non-alcoholic beer can introduce histamine, not all non-alcoholic beers will have the same levels.

Factors influencing histamine content include the type of grains used, the strain of yeast, and the duration of fermentation.

Without specific testing, it’s difficult to determine the exact histamine content of a particular drink. So, if you’re sensitive to histamine, it might be wise to approach with caution and monitor your body’s reaction.


Does the brewing process introduce histamine?
Yes, the fermentation that occurs during brewing can introduce histamine due to the bacteria involved.

Are all non-alcoholic beers the same in histamine content?
No, the histamine content can vary based on the ingredients, yeast strain, and fermentation duration.


In summary, non-alcoholic beer can contain varying levels of histamine, influenced by its brewing process and ingredients.

For those concerned about histamine, being informed, choosing the right beer, and consulting with a healthcare professional are the best courses of action.