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Jump Ship Red Admiral Rye IPA – Non Alcoholic IPA

This is a very well-crafted, revitalizing, and outstanding pale ale with a potent hops aroma and flavor that dazzles with fruit and spice. It is a superb IPA that utilizes an ingeniously brewed base beer to showcase lively and intriguing hop flavors. You can enjoy plenty of beer due to its low bitterness.

Suitable for Vegans

This beverage contains no animal ingredients or derivatives at all.

Tasting notes

Sail Away Red Admiral Rye IPA is a bold journey into unexplored territory, inviting you to embark on a flavor adventure like no other. During your expedition, you’ll encounter a whirlwind of enticing aromas, with peppery rye malt intertwining with exotic fruits and a hint of caramel, as if the very spirit of adventure itself is drifting through the air.

Daringly approaching the first sip, you’ll be greeted by a cascade of flavors – a burst of malted rye spice entwined with succulent pineapple, mango, and grapefruit notes that form a harmonious partnership with a robust hoppy bitterness. This non-alcoholic IPA is as audacious and intrepid as the Red Admiral itself, demanding respect with every sip.

As you arrive at the tranquility after the tumult, the finish is silky and dry, with lingering hoppy and spicy sensations that gradually fade away like a ship vanishing over the horizon. Having experienced the excitement of the Sail Away Red Admiral Rye IPA, there’s no looking back – you’re now a seasoned adventurer, prepared to conquer the world of non-alcoholic beer.

About JumpShip

About Jump/Ship Brewing

In a land of grand landscapes and fervent beer enthusiasts, a courageous woman named Sonja set out on a bold journey. A seasoned sailor, beer aficionado, and dedicated mother of three, she courageously opted to leave her marketing career and embark on a new venture: Jump/Ship Brewing.

Inspired by her passion for beer and the vast sea, and compelled by a desire to evade the misery of dreaded hangovers, Sonja began her odyssey in December 2018. “I adore beer. I love sailing. I detest hangovers,” she declared as she aimed to create an outstanding alcohol-free beer in the heart of Scotland.

With unwavering resolve, Sonja developed her own distinct recipe, harnessing the excellence of the finest ingredients and a touch of maritime enchantment. Her vision was to produce a premier alcohol-free beer that could be savored by all, without the dread of turbulent mornings after.

Today, Jump/Ship Brewing stands as a symbol of hope for those seeking a delightful, hangover-free beer experience. With every sip, Sonja’s saga continues to unfold, encouraging more and more people to embark on their own alcohol-free escapades.