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Jupiler – Non Alcoholic Pilsner

Jupiler 0.0 is a refreshing, alcohol-free Belgian pilsner that provides beer enthusiasts with a superb substitute for conventional alcoholic brews. Created with the finest ingredients, this golden lager features a well-balanced combination of malt and hops, resulting in a smooth, sharp flavor with traces of citrus and a subtle bitterness. The brewing process maintains the distinctive Jupiler taste while eliminating the alcohol, making it an excellent option for social gatherings, designated drivers, or individuals pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy Jupiler 0.0 chilled with your favorite dishes or relish it as a guilt-free delight.

Tasting notes

Jupiler 0.0 is a non-alcoholic Belgian pilsner with a well-balanced flavour profile, offering an enjoyable drinking experience for those seeking an alcohol-free alternative. Here are some tasting notes to help you better understand the beer:

Appearance: Jupiler 0.0 pours a clear, golden hue with a moderate, frothy white head that showcases its effervescence and lively carbonation.

Aroma: On the nose, you’ll notice a pleasant combination of lightly toasted malt and gentle hops, accompanied by subtle hints of cereal grains and a faint touch of fruity esters.

Taste: The flavor profile of Jupiler 0.0 is characterized by its delicate malt sweetness and a trace of mild hop bitterness that provides a refreshing balance. The beer also features subtle notes of grain and a faint fruitiness, which adds complexity and depth to the overall taste.

Mouthfeel: Jupiler 0.0 has a light to medium body with moderate carbonation, making it crisp, smooth, and easy to drink. The finish is clean and relatively dry, which adds to its refreshing quality.

Jupiler 0.0 is a satisfying non-alcoholic pilsner that delivers a well-rounded and refreshing experience. Its balanced flavor makes it an ideal choice for various occasions, whether enjoying a casual drink or pairing it with a meal.

Jupiler – Non Alcoholic Pilsner
Nutritional Information per 250ml

Nutrient Amount
Energy (Kcal) 88
Carbs 21.4g
Sugars 1.6g
Ingredients:  Malt, corn, water, hops and yeast.

About Brasserie Piedboeuf

piedboeuf logo

Brasserie Piedboeuf is a historic Belgian brewery founded in 1812 and situated in Jupille-sur-Meuse, a suburb of Liège, Belgium. Throughout its long history, the brewery has gained a reputation for producing high-quality beers enjoyed locally and internationally.

The most well-known product of Brasserie Piedboeuf is their Jupiler brand, a classic European pilsner characterized by its light, refreshing taste and smooth finish. Jupiler is the best-selling beer in Belgium and has become synonymous with Belgian beer culture.

In addition to the famous Jupiler pilsner, Brasserie Piedboeuf also produces a non-alcoholic version called Jupiler 0.0. This alcohol-free alternative maintains the original beer’s great taste while catering to consumers seeking a low-alcohol option.

Brasserie Piedboeuf is now part of the global brewing group Anheuser-Busch InBev, which allows the brewery to leverage the group’s vast resources and expertise in the beer industry. Despite being part of a larger group, Brasserie Piedboeuf prioritises quality and tradition in its brewing process, ensuring that its beers remain true to their Belgian roots.