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Lervig No Worries Wild Berries – Non Alcoholic Beer

Presenting the delightful No Worries Wild Berries, a non-alcoholic beer ideal for those in search of a guilt-free and flavorful beverage experience. Infused with the lively and succulent flavors of wild berries, this invigorating beer delivers a distinctive and gratifying taste that can be relished by all.

Whether you’re aiming to decrease your alcohol intake or simply love the flavor of fruity beers, No Worries Wild Berries is your top choice. Perfect for savoring on a hot summer day or sharing with friends at your next barbecue, this beer provides a healthier and more enjoyable option to traditional alcoholic beverages.

Expertly crafted by Lervig, a well-known Norwegian craft brewery, No Worries Wild Berries is a testament to their commitment to producing outstanding beers for discerning palates. Don’t miss out on this delectable and revitalizing alcohol-free beer that caters to a healthier and more fulfilling drinking experience. Cheers to No Worries Wild Berries!

Is Lervig No Worries Wild Berries Vegan friendly?

Lervig No Worries Wild Berries is indeed suitable for vegans. The brewery takes pride in creating beers that accommodate a wide range of preferences, including those who follow a vegan lifestyle. Rest assured, you can enjoy this delicious and refreshing alcohol-free beer without any concerns regarding its compatibility with vegan principles.

Tasting notes

Appearance: No Worries Wild Berries exhibits a vibrant and welcoming reddish-purple hue with a pinkish, foamy head.

Aroma: The beer presents a delightful medley of ripe wild berries on the nose, incorporating hints of raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry, with subtle floral undertones.

Taste: The palate experiences a harmonious blend of fruity sweetness and a subtle tartness. The rich wild berry flavors dominate, leading to a refreshing and well-balanced finish.

Mouthfeel: This alcohol-free beer features a light-to-medium body with moderate carbonation, delivering a smooth and pleasurable drinking experience.

Overall: No Worries Wild Berries is a charming and invigorating alcohol-free beer that perfectly captures the essence of wild berries, offering a guilt-free and flavorful alternative for those seeking a healthier and more satisfying beverage experience.

About Lervig

Lervig Logo

Lervig No Worries is a series of alcohol-free beers produced by the esteemed Lervig Brewery, located in Stavanger, Norway. Acknowledged as a powerhouse in the craft beer industry, Lervig was established in 2003 when the local residents rebelled against a large-scale brewery that tried to sell them poor-quality beer. Since then, Lervig has been devoted to crafting exceptional beers that cater to a diverse range of preferences.

The No Worries range is a testament to Lervig’s dedication to innovation and quality. By offering alcohol-free options that still deliver a rich, flavorful experience, Lervig has effectively addressed the increasing demand for healthier and more enjoyable beer choices. Their No Worries selection includes beers like the No Fret Wild Berries, which is infused with the lively and succulent flavors of wild berries, offering a refreshing and distinctive taste suitable for everyone.

With Lervig No Worries, beer enthusiasts can savor the pleasures of a delectable craft beer without the alcohol content, making it an ideal option for those looking to reduce their alcohol intake or simply seeking a guilt-free beverage experience. The brand’s commitment to quality, flavor, and innovation ensures that the No Worries range remains a popular choice among discerning beer enthusiasts who value exceptional alcohol-free alternatives.