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Mash Gang Hawg – 0.5% Abv – Low Alcohol American Pale Ale

HAWG – 0.5% American Pale Ale – 440ml

Overview: HAWG is a contemporary version of the timeless American Pale Ale, meticulously produced for those who crave the intense, flavor-packed days of early craft beer. This 0.5% ABV ale comes in a generous 440ml serving, offering a bold yet approachable taste experience.

Brewing Philosophy: Derived from a passion for rich, compelling flavors, HAWG represents a return to the origins of craft beer. It’s tailored for enthusiasts who long for the days when each sip offered a revelation, a departure from the increasingly prevalent trends towards juicier, hazier, and sweeter beers.

Taste Profile: HAWG is a symphony of flavors, boasting a robust blend of six New World hops. Each sip delivers a burst of pithy pink grapefruit, intertwined with the lush tropical tones of mango and guava. This fruity extravagance is perfectly balanced by a spicy, peppery finish that lingers pleasantly on the palate. The beer’s spicy and zesty character is supported by a solid malt backbone, ensuring a well-rounded, satisfying drink.

Style and Serving: This American Pale Ale is both easy to drink and thirst-quenching, yet it doesn’t compromise on boldness. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a beer with character and depth. Ideal for casual sipping or as a companion to spicy and bold-flavored foods.

Nostalgic Appeal: HAWG is more than just a beer; it’s a nod to a bygone era of craft brewing. It invites you to relive the early 2000s – a time of audacious style choices symbolized by Von Dutch trucker hats and Ed Hardy shirts. So, grab a can, take a trip down memory lane, and let’s raise a toast to the days of planking and pioneering beer flavors.

Enjoy responsibly and dive into the rich tapestry of flavors that HAWG has to offer.

Tasting notes

Tasting Notes for HAWG – 0.5% American Pale Ale

  • Appearance: A clear, golden hue with a frothy white head that dissipates slowly, leaving delicate lacing on the glass.
  • Aroma: A vibrant bouquet of citrus and tropical fruits, notably pink grapefruit, mango, and guava. Underlying hints of pine and fresh herbs add complexity.
  • Flavour: A bold yet harmonious blend of fruitiness and spiciness. The initial taste is dominated by pink grapefruit, with sweet mango and guava notes following closely. The mid-palate introduces a subtle malt sweetness, providing balance to the hop bitterness.
  • Finish: A lingering spicy and peppery finish that adds depth and warmth, encouraging another sip.
  • Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied with moderate carbonation. Despite its bold flavors, it remains remarkably easy to drink.
  • Overall Impression: HAWG is a well-crafted ale that pays homage to the classic American Pale Ale style, offering a complex yet approachable flavor profile. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a beer with depth and character without the heaviness of higher alcohol content. 

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At Mash Gang, we’re more than just a brewery – we’re a story of camaraderie, creativity, and a shared passion for brewing. Born from a group of friends seeking connection during the first lockdown, we’ve embraced the spirit of adventure and pushed the boundaries of NOLO (non-alcoholic and low-alcohol) beer crafting.

Our journey began with humble beginnings, experimenting in our homes to create unique and flavorful brews. As word spread and demand grew, we rapidly expanded our range, curating a collection of nine distinctive beers in just three months. The support from our incredible community has propelled us from a casual hobby to a thriving business.

Mash Gang is committed to delivering high-quality, artisanal NOLO beers that surprise and delight with every sip. Our diverse range caters to every palate, from the crisp, refreshing lagers for a leisurely afternoon to the rich, full-bodied stouts perfect for a cozy night in.

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