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Mikkeller Drink’In The Sun – Non Alcoholic Beer

Drink’in the Sun: A Refreshing Low-Alcohol Brew

Visualize this: you’re luxuriating in the sunshine, sensing the warm rays on your skin, and desiring a cold, thirst-quenching beer that won’t leave you feeling weighed down. Search no more! Mikkeller’s “Drink’in the Sun” is the ultimate low-alcohol American wheat beer that delivers an explosion of aroma without the sluggish aftermath.

Its misty golden shade and frothy white head make it an irresistible choice for sun-worshippers and beer enthusiasts alike. With an array of citrus, floral, and tropical fruit aromas, every sip transports you to an exotic island paradise.

Don’t be deceived by its low alcohol content; this brew packs a punch with a harmonious blend of grapefruit, orange, and lemon flavours, all perfectly balanced with a subtle malt sweetness and a hint of hoppy bitterness. A light, crisp body and a clean finish make “Drink’in the Sun” the go-to beer for those unforgettable summer gatherings.

And did we mention it’s vegan-friendly? This refreshing beverage is 100% free from animal products and by-products, ensuring that everyone can enjoy it guilt-free. So why wait? Grab a can of Mikkeller’s “Drink’in the Sun” and let the good times roll in the sunshine!

Tasting notes

  • Appearance: Hazy golden color with a frothy white head
  • Aroma: Vibrant notes of citrus, floral, and tropical fruits
  • Flavor: A delightful blend of grapefruit, orange, and lemon, balanced by a subtle malt sweetness and a touch of hoppy bitterness
  • Body: Light and crisp, making it incredibly refreshing and easy to drink
  • Finish: Clean and satisfying, leaving you ready for another sip

Mikkeller Drink’in the Sun – Alcohol-Free Beer
Nutritional Information Per 100ml

Nutrient Amount
Energy (Kcal) 44kcal
Fat 0.5g
Sodium 0.1g
Carbs 5.3g
Sugars 3.6g
Protein 1.0g
Ingredients:  Water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops and mikkellellensis yeast.

About Mikkeller

Mikkeller Logo

Mikkeller is a renowned Danish craft brewery established in 2006 by Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, a former school teacher and passionate homebrewer. The brewery is recognized for its innovative and experimental approach to brewing, which has resulted in the development of a wide variety of distinctive and exceptional beers. Mikkeller operates on a “gypsy brewing” model, meaning they do not have a fixed location or dedicated brewing facilities. Instead, they collaborate with other breweries across the world to produce their beers, fostering a spirit of creativity and collaboration in the craft beer industry.

Over the years, Mikkeller has built a strong reputation for pushing the limits of brewing and challenging traditional beer styles. They have introduced a remarkable assortment of beers, ranging from bold and hoppy IPAs to rich and complex stouts, as well as non-alcoholic options like the Limbo Series Riesling. Mikkeller’s dedication to quality and innovation has earned them numerous awards and a devoted following of beer enthusiasts worldwide. In addition to their beers, Mikkeller also operates bars, restaurants, and bottle shops in various locations around the globe, further solidifying their presence in the international craft beer scene.