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Mikkeller Limbo Series Riesling – Non Alcoholic Beer Sour

Presenting Mikkeller Limbo Series Riesling, a non-alcoholic tart beer that demonstrates the unmatched ingenuity and originality of the globally recognized Danish craft brewery Mikkeller. This captivating alcohol-free beer combines the distinct nature of Riesling grapes with the invigorating sour profile of a beer, creating a genuinely exceptional drinking experience. Ideal for individuals seeking a refreshing, intricate, and flavorful substitute for conventional alcoholic drinks, this tart beer provides a delightful exploration through taste and aroma.

Vegan Friendly?

Mikkeller Limbo Series Riesling Alcohol Free Tart Beer is suitable for vegans. The beer is produced without the use of any animal-derived components or processes, making it a suitable option for those adhering to a vegan lifestyle. Enjoy this invigorating and flavorful non-alcoholic beer with the assurance that it aligns with your principles and dietary preferences.

Tasting notes

Mikkeller Limbo Series Riesling pours a cloudy golden color, captivating your senses with its enchanting appearance. The scent presents a collection of fruity and flowery notes with suggestions of citrus, stone fruits, and a hint of green apple. On the palate, you’ll encounter a harmonious blend of sourness and sweetness, with the Riesling grapes lending a subtle minerality that enhances the flavor. The beer’s texture is light and bubbly, leaving you revitalized and eager for more.

Mikkeller Limbo Series Riesling – Alcohol Free Beer Tart
Nutritional Information Per 100ml

Nutrient Amount
Energy (Kcal) 32.4
Ingredients:  Water, barley, malt, hops, juice from Riesling grapes(1%) and mikkellensis yeast

About Mikkeller

Mikkeller Logo

Mikkeller is a well-known Danish craft brewery established in 2006 by Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, a former educator and enthusiastic homebrewer. The brewery is recognized for its inventive and experimental approach to brewing, which has resulted in the production of a wide variety of distinctive and unique beers. Mikkeller operates on a “gypsy brewing” model, meaning they do not have a fixed location or dedicated brewing facilities. Instead, they collaborate with other breweries across the world to produce their beers, fostering a spirit of creativity and collaboration in the craft beer industry.

Over the years, Mikkeller has earned a strong reputation for pushing the boundaries of brewing and challenging traditional beer styles. They have introduced an impressive range of beers, spanning from bold and hoppy IPAs to rich and intricate stouts, as well as alcohol-free options like the Limbo Series Riesling. Mikkeller’s dedication to quality and innovation has garnered them numerous accolades and a devoted following of beer enthusiasts globally. Alongside their beers, Mikkeller also runs bars, restaurants, and bottle shops in various locations around the world, further establishing their presence in the global craft beer scene.