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Nogne Julefri (Norwegian Christmas Vacation)

Enjoy the holiday season with Nogne Julefri (Norwegian Christmas Vacation) alcohol-free beer. With 0.0% ABV, this non-alcoholic beer provides all the festive flavors and aromas of a traditional Christmas beer without the adverse effects of alcohol.

Nogne Julefri is brewed with a combination of traditional holiday spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. This results in a rich and flavorful beer with a smooth and well-balanced taste. It boasts a deep amber color with a frothy head, and the aroma is filled with the fragrances of holiday spices.

This non-alcoholic beer is ideal for any holiday occasion, whether you’re having a relaxing night in or celebrating with friends and family. It complements classic holiday foods such as roasted meats, vegetables, and desserts.

  • Alcohol-free beer with 0.0% ABV
  • Brewed with a mixture of traditional holiday spices, including cinnamon, ginger, and cloves
  • Rich and flavorful with a smooth and balanced taste
  • Deep amber colour with a frothy head
  • Perfect for any holiday occasion and pairs well with roasted meats, vegetables, and desserts

Tasting notes

Nogne Julefri alcohol-free beer is a rich and flavorful holiday brew with a smooth and balanced taste. The blend of traditional holiday spices used in the brewing process, including cinnamon, ginger, and cloves, creates a warm and inviting aroma and a rich, complex flavor profile.

The taste of Nogne Julefri is well-balanced and satisfying, with a smooth and creamy texture. It has a deep amber color and a frothy head, and the aroma is filled with the scents of holiday spices. The spices used in the brewing process are not overpowering, but rather complement the flavor of the beer to create a unique and festive taste.

Overall, Nogne Julefri is a perfect choice for anyone looking to enjoy the flavors of the holiday season without the negative effects of alcohol. The taste is warm, inviting, and well-balanced, making it a great addition to any holiday gathering or a cozy night in.

Nogne Julefri (Norwegian Christmas Vacation)
Nutritional Information Per 100ml

Nutrient Amount
Energy (Kcal) 50kcal
Fat 0.1g
Carbs 15.5g
Sugars 12.5g
Protein 0.2g

About Nogne

The name Nøgne Ø means “naked island”, a poetic term used by Henrik Ibsen to describe any of the countless stark, barren outcroppings that are visible in the rough sea off Norway’s southern coast.

Nøgne Ø’s subtitle – “The Uncompromising Brewery” is a plain statement of their mission to craft ales of the highest quality, personality and individuality. The alchemists realized that they could only create gold from gold – so have they. Their gold is Maris Otter. They think Maris Otter is the best malt obtainable, hand malted barley in the traditional manner in the UK. They only use ingredients of highest quality in order to make beers of uncompromising quality.

Nøgne Ø has grown from a 300 hl production in 2003 to well over 1000 hl. They have more than 20 different styles of ales in their core range and unequivalent amount of new releases every year.