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What Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Serve at a Wedding? Our Top 5

Weddings are joyous occasions, and ensuring everyone has a drink in hand to celebrate is key. But what should you serve to guests who prefer to skip the alcohol? These are our top five non-alcoholic drink suggestions for your big day.

Top 5 Non-Alcoholic Beverages to Serve at a Wedding

1. Non-Alcoholic Beer: The Go-to Choice

Non-alcoholic beer retains the rich essence of traditional beer minus the alcohol. With its myriad of flavors, it’s bound to be a hit among guests, providing an option that resonates with the spirit of a hearty toast.

2. Refreshing Mocktails: Elegance in a Glass

Bring in a touch of class with mocktails. You can either serve tried and true options like virgin margaritas or design signature blends using a mix of fresh fruits, herbs, and exotic syrups. Plus, their dazzling presentation matches the festive aura of weddings.

3. Herbal Teas: A Soothing Sip

Perfect for unwinding, herbal teas like lavender, rose, or lemon balm can be both comforting and refreshing. Whether it’s a warm evening or a chilly night, these teas, served hot or iced, fit seamlessly into the wedding milieu.

4. Juices and Infused Waters: Pure Refreshment

Freshly squeezed or pressed juices, be it tangy citrus or sweet apple, are always welcome. To add a spin, create infused waters. Combinations like orange-rosemary or raspberry-lime not only taste divine but also look enticing.

5. Sodas and Cola: The Bubbly Delight

For guests who can’t resist a bubbly sensation, classic sodas or colas are a sure shot. But don’t hesitate to explore artisanal sodas with unique flavors to bring something new to the table.


What’s the buzz around serving non-alcoholic beer at weddings? It’s all about offering a taste of tradition without the alcohol, catering to a wider range of guests.

Could I introduce a mocktail bar? Of course! A mocktail bar can be both fun and engaging, allowing guests to customize their drink.

How can I align non-alcoholic drinks with the wedding vibe? Customize the drink’s appearance, color, and flavors to echo your wedding theme.

Is offering diverse non-alcoholic options a budget strain? It can be an added cost, but many options are budget-friendly, especially when bought in bulk or crafted at home.

Is a varied non-alcoholic drink menu a crowd-pleaser? Absolutely! It ensures every guest finds something they like and feels included in the festivities.


When planning your wedding drink menu, diversity is key. From the rich flavors of non-alcoholic beer to the elegant mocktails and everything in between, these options ensure your guests have a memorable time, glass in hand, celebrating your special day.

Here’s to making every sip count!