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This Surprising Drink Is A Big Hit At Oktoberfest

Every year, more than six million people from Germany and all over the world gather in Munich for Oktoberfest.

The event is the world’s largest Volksfest, a traditional German festival celebrating local culture, food, and, of course, beer.

But, while Oktoberfest is famous for its traditional German beers, you might be surprised by another drink that is served in almost every tent at the festival…

Non-Alcoholic Beer Is Actually Really Popular At Oktoberfest

That’s right! Oktoberfest might traditionally be associated with lederhosen-clad tourists getting drunk on too many steins, but it’s not all about the alcohol. There’s actually a growing interest in non-alcoholic beer too.

We spoke to the Munich Breweries Association to find out just how popular non-alcoholic beer is at Oktoberfest.

A spokeperson for Munich Breweries Association explained that, of the many tents that serve beer at Oktoberfest, only four don’t offer at least one non-alcoholic beer.

They said:

“There are 17 large tents and 21 small tents at Oktoberfest and the separate area Oide Wiesn. Of these 38 tents, 34 serve non-alcoholic beer.”

Munich Breweries Association

Of course, traditional alcoholic brews remain the festival-goers favorite. However, the Association noted that non-alcoholic beer is popular and will remain a fixture in future years, adding:

“The biggest demand is for the classic Oktoberfest beer. However, many people are happy to accept non-alcoholic beer as an alternative.

The [non-alcoholic beer] selection will certainly be the same, because the offer is very well received by the guests.”

Which Non-Alcoholic Beer Brands Are At Oktoberfest?

With a legacy of brewing excellence, several renowned Munich breweries have ventured into crafting non-alcoholic beers, ensuring that Oktoberfest enthusiasts can enjoy traditional flavors without the alcohol.


With roots going back to the 1400s, Hacker-Pschorr is a familiar name in Munich.

Merging old brewing traditions with new techniques, their non-alcoholic Munich Lager retains the rich flavors associated with the brand.


Established in 1589 by the Duke of Bavaria, Hofbräu has become synonymous with Munich’s beer culture.

Known for their grand beer hall, they’ve crafted a non-alcoholic version that mirrors the quality of their alcoholic range.


With a history starting in the 1300s, Löwenbräu, or “Lion’s Brew”, is another staple in Munich.

Their non-alcoholic variants boast a hearty taste and a hint of malt.


This brand, a union of two ancient Munich breweries, offers a non-alcoholic Weißbier that encapsulates the signature fruity and spicy flavors.


Originating in 1634, Paulaner’s beginnings are tied to a monastery. Their non-alcoholic wheat beer is filled with notes of banana and clove and certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Enjoy Your Own Oktoberfest At Home

If you can’t make it to Munich to try non-alcoholic beers at Oktoberfest then why not order online and bring the festival to your home?

In the UK, online retailers like Dry Drinker can provide a glimpse into Bavarian beer culture.

Their Bavarian Bash non-alcoholic beer case includes:

  • Maisel’s Wheat Beer 0.5%: With hints of banana, clove, and citrus, it offers a balanced taste.
  • Krombacher Wheat Beer 0.5%: A golden-colored beer that’s aromatic and refreshingly flavorful.
  • Paulaner Wheat Beer 0.5%: A harmonious blend of banana, clove, and a subtle bubblegum note.
  • Furstenburg 0.0%: A light-bodied lager with malt undertones and a touch of hops.
  • Schneider Wheat Beer 0.5%: Fruity and spicy, this is a delightful wheat beer.
  • Bitburger Beer 0.0%: Capturing the essence of lagers with a hint of hop bitterness and pleasant maltiness.
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In Summary: Non-Alcoholic Beer At Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is renowned for its rich traditions, jubilant atmosphere, and, of course, its beer. However, as modern tastes change and non-alcoholic beer becomes more mainstream, it’s not just about the alcoholic brews anymore.

The rise of non-alcoholic beer options from breweries like Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, and Paulaner is a sign of a shift in drinking culture.

With 34 out of 38 tents at Oktoberfest serving alcohol-free beers, it’s clear that there’s a growing appreciation and demand for non-alcoholic brews.

Whether it’s the meticulously crafted non-alcoholic Munich Lager or the refreshing Weißbier, there’s a non-alcoholic beer for everyone.

Oktoberfest may be in its 188th year, but the festival continues to evolve, and non-alcoholic beer now plays a crucial role in ensuring that the festival remains accessible and enjoyable for all.

We say, prost to that!