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Pairing Non-Alcoholic Beers with Christmas Dinner

If you’re planning to stay sober or reduce your alcohol intake this Christmas, you may be wondering which non-alcoholic beers to drink with your Christmas dinner.

There are many benefits to choosing non-alcoholic beer at Christmas. And with our guide to pairing non-alcoholic beers with Christmas dinner, you can complement and elevate the flavor of every dish!

Christmas Turkey

The star of many Christmas dinners is the roast turkey. For this dish, a non-alcoholic wheat beer is an ideal choice.

The beer’s subtle fruity notes and gentle carbonation enhance the moistness of the turkey and balance its mild flavour.

Roast Beef and Lamb

When serving heartier meats like roast beef or lamb, a dark non-alcoholic beer will complement beautifully.

These dark drinks with their malty undertones offset the robust flavours of the meat and bring depth to each bite.

Vegetable Dishes

Vegetable dishes, especially those featuring root vegetables like potatoes, carrots, or parsnips, deserve a drink that can hold its own.

A non-alcoholic pale ale is your best companion here. Its hoppy bitterness contrasts and enhances the earthy sweetness of the vegetables.

Sweet Puddings

No Christmas dinner is complete without a touch of sweetness! For traditional pies and puddings, a non-alcoholic stout provides the perfect pairing.

The roasted notes of a non-alcoholic stout will echo the richness of the desserts, making for a harmonious finish.

Consider the Cooking Method

The way you cook your dish can also influence the non-alcoholic beer pairing.

Grilled meats, with their charred edges and smoky aroma, work well with amber ales. The caramel notes in the drink mirror the caramelisation on the meat.

Lightly steamed or boiled dishes, on the other hand, can benefit from lighter non-alcoholic beers, like lagers. Choosing a lighter beer ensures the drink doesn’t overshadow the food’s delicate taste.


How do non-alcoholic beers enhance food flavours?
Non-alcoholic beers, like their alcoholic counterparts, have a blend of malts, hops, and yeast. These ingredients bring out unique flavours in food, similar to how wine enhances certain dishes.

Can I cook with non-alcoholic beer?
Absolutely. Non-alcoholic beer can be used in cooking just like regular beer, adding depth and character to stews, marinades, and sauces.

What non-alcoholic beer pairs well with spicy dishes?
A wheat non-alcoholic beer or a lager can counterbalance the heat from spicy dishes, providing a cooling effect with its crisp finish.

Do non-alcoholic beers have the same carbonation as regular beers?
Most non-alcoholic beers maintain carbonation levels similar to their alcoholic counterparts, enhancing the sensory experience when paired with food.


For those aiming to enjoy Christmas dinner sans alcohol, our guide will hopefully have helped you build the perfect pairing plan.

From the succulent roast turkey best matched with a wheat beer’s fruity undertones to the hearty flavors of roast beef or lamb that find a partner in dark non-alcoholic beers, there’s a fitting brew for every dish.

Root vegetable dishes come alive with the hoppy notes of pale ales, while sweet puddings find their match in the roasted flavors of non-alcoholic stouts.

And always remember, the cooking method plays a pivotal role in these pairings, with grilled items leaning towards amber ales and softer dishes benefitting from the subtlety of lagers.

Cheers to a flavorful and well-paired Christmas dinner!