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Stella Non-Alcoholic Beer: About Stella Artois Liberté

Imagine enjoying the rich taste and golden appearance of Stella Artois, without the alcohol content. That’s precisely what is offered with Stella Artois Liberté, a non-alcoholic version of the classic Belgian pilsner.

This innovative brew allows you to savor the refreshing, crisp finish and the pronounced hoppy bitterness of the original Stella Artois, with none of the alcohol and just 60 calories per 330ml bottle.

The non-alcoholic version of Stella Artois is brewed using the same high-quality ingredients as the alcoholic variant, including water, malted barley, hops, sugar, and natural flavors. This commitment to ingredient quality ensures that you enjoy a beautifully balanced, full-flavored lager with a pronounced hoppy bitterness and a clean, refreshing finish.

Brewing Process

When it comes to brewing non-alcoholic beer like Stella Artois Liberté, the process is quite similar to traditional beer production, with a few key differences to ensure the final product is free of alcohol.

Like regular beer, non-alcoholic beer starts at the brewery with malted barley. The sugar from the malted barley is broken down by yeast, producing alcohol and waste carbon dioxide. This mixture is then flavored with hops and other ingredients to create the distinctive taste you know and love.

However, to remove the alcohol content from the beer, an additional step is taken during the brewing process, such as vacuum distillation or reverse osmosis. These methods help separate the alcohol from the rest of the mixture without compromising the flavor profile of the beer. After this step, the non-alcoholic brew retains the malt sweetness and crisp hop bitterness of the original recipe.

Stella Artois Liberté specifically has a 0.0% alcohol by volume (ABV), ensuring you can enjoy the classic taste of Stella Artois without the effects of alcohol.

Here are some nutritional facts about Stella Artois Liberté:

Nutritional FactValue
Alcohol by Volume (ABV)0.0%
Calories59 per 11.2 fl. oz.
Carbs13g per 11.2 fl. oz.
Sugar0 per 11.2 fl. oz.

Taste and Flavor Profile

When it comes to the taste and flavor profile of Stella Artois Liberté, the non-alcoholic beer offers an exquisite balance of various elements that make for a satisfying drinking experience.

Malt Sweetness

As you sip the Stella Artois Liberté, you’ll notice a subtle malt sweetness that rounds out the beer’s taste. This malt sweetness gives the non-alcoholic brew a fuller flavor, ensuring that it doesn’t feel too watery or lacking in substance.

Crisp Hop Bitterness

One of the defining characteristics of Stella Artois Liberté is its crisp hop bitterness. This adds a refreshing, zesty kick to the beer, distinguishing it from other non-alcoholic options. The crisp hop bitterness adds depth and complexity to the beer, making it highly enjoyable to drink.

Clean Finish

Lastly, Stella Artois Liberté leaves you with a clean finish, preventing any lingering aftertastes that could detract from the overall experience. The clean finish ensures that you can enjoy the flavors of the beer without any unwelcome surprises, making it a top choice for those seeking a non-alcoholic beer with an authentic taste.

Nutritional Information

In this section, we will discuss the nutritional information of Stella Artois non-alcoholic beer to help you better understand its content and make an informed choice.


Stella Artois non-alcoholic beer contains fewer calories compared to the traditional Stella Artois. For a serving size of 330ml, there are approximately 60 calories. When taken in moderation, this beverage can be a suitable option for those looking to reduce their calorie intake while still enjoying the taste of a quality beer.


This low-calorie beverage is made with the following ingredients:

  • Water
  • Malted barley
  • Hops
  • Sugar
  • Natural flavors

As indicated in the ingredients list, water is a primary component of the Stella Artois non-alcoholic beer. The water, along with malted barley and hops, works together to create the distinctive taste that you have come to expect from Stella Artois.

The sugar content in a 330ml serving is about 2.6g, which is relatively low compared to other beverages. The addition of sugar helps balance out the flavors and enhance the beer’s overall taste.

By keeping an eye on the nutritional information of Stella Artois non-alcoholic beer, you can enjoy this satisfying beverage while staying informed about its contents.

Comparisons to Other Non-Alcoholic Beers

In this section, we will compare Stella Artois Liberté to some of the popular non-alcoholic beers in the market, such as Budweiser Alcohol Free, Heineken 0.0, and Beck’s Non-Alcoholic Beer.

Budweiser Alcohol Free

Similar to Stella Artois Liberté, Budweiser Alcohol Free is a 0.0% non-alcoholic beer that boasts its refreshing taste. It’s brewed with the same ingredients as its alcoholic counterpart but goes through a unique process to remove the alcohol.

In comparison to Stella Artois Liberté, which is a blonde pilsner, Budweiser Alcohol Free has a lighter, crisp taste often preferred by those who enjoy American-style lagers.

Heineken 0.0

Heineken 0.0 is another popular non-alcoholic beer known for its distinctive, full-flavored taste. It’s brewed using a natural process that ensures the same flavor and quality as the original Heineken but without alcohol.

Comparing it with Stella Artois Liberté, Heineken 0.0 has a similar, yet slightly more bitter taste, providing a more robust drinking experience.

Beck’s Non-Alcoholic Beer

Beck’s Non-Alcoholic Beer has gained popularity for maintaining the same flavor profile as the original Beck’s while keeping the alcohol content to a minimum. Brewed with top-quality ingredients to provide an authentic German-style beer experience, Beck’s Non-Alcoholic Beer offers a crisp and slightly malty flavor.

Compared to Stella Artois Liberté, Beck’s has a more assertive taste, making it a suitable choice for those who prefer a bolder flavor in their non-alcoholic beers.

Stella Artois Liberté Brand Messaging

Savor Moments

With Stella Artois Liberté, you can savor each moment without compromising on taste. This non-alcoholic brew allows you to enjoy the familiar, crisp flavor of Stella Artois anytime.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply unwinding after a long day, Stella Artois Liberté offers a refreshing experience, encouraging you to cherish every moment with its full-bodied taste and smooth finish.


Stella Artois Liberté gives you the freedom to indulge without the worry of alcohol. This allows you to maintain a clear mind and fully immerse yourself in whatever situation you find yourself in.

Embrace the freedom that comes with choosing a non-alcoholic beer that doesn’t sacrifice quality or flavor. Share it with friends, family, and coworkers, knowing that you’re providing a responsible and enjoyable option for everyone.

Loved Ones

Stella Artois Liberté brings people together. Its non-alcoholic nature makes it a versatile choice that can be enjoyed by all your loved ones, no matter their age or preference.

Share this sophisticated option with friends and family as you bond over meals, create lasting memories, and enjoy each other’s company. Stella Artois Liberté truly embodies the spirit of togetherness, making it the ideal choice for any gathering where memories are made.

In Summary: Stella Non-Alcoholic Beer

Stella Artois now offers you a non-alcoholic option: Stella Artois Liberté. This brew allows you to enjoy the beer’s signature taste in a more casual and responsible manner, without missing out on classic Stella flavor.

Liberté has a 0% alcohol content, making it an ideal choice for socializing with friends and family without the worry of exceeding your alcohol limits. You can find this beer in Stella Artois’ distinctive 11.2-ounce glass bottles, featuring a redesigned blue label.

With Stella Artois Liberté, you’ll enjoy a malt sweetness, crisp hop bitterness, and clean finish, all while consuming just 60 calories and 13.9 grams of carbohydrates per 330ml serving. Additionally, it contains only 2.6 grams of sugar, allowing you to indulge without the excessive calories of traditional beers.