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Vandestreek Hard Pour – Non Alcoholic Nitro Coffee Stout

VandeStreek’s Hard Pour Coffee Nitro Stout: A Non-Alcoholic Revolution

Embark on a groundbreaking beer experience with VandeStreek’s Hard Pour Coffee Nitro Stout, an artisanal alcohol-free brew that guarantees the full-bodied richness of a classic stout with a modern twist. Each 33cl can is a tribute to traditional brewing techniques, enhanced by a contemporary nitrogen infusion process.

The stout is meticulously created with real coffee and cocoa, ingredients that give it a strong and genuine flavor profile. When served, the nitrogen infusion creates a creamy, thick head reminiscent of the most prestigious draft pours.

For the optimal nitro experience, give the can a vigorous shake before opening and pour it swiftly into the middle of your glass, watching the cascade of bubbles settle into a velvety foam.

Tasting notes

Vandestreek Hard Pour Tasting Notes

Appearance: The “Hard Pour” sets the stage with an opulent, deep amber to brown hue, crowned by a large, fluffy head of light tan foam. The head exhibits remarkable retention, slowly dissipating to leave a fine tracing of lacing along the glass, suggestive of its rich texture and body.

Aroma: As you approach the glass, a symphony of aromas wafts upwards. The bouquet is dominated by a freshly baked bread scent, courtesy of its pronounced yeasty character. It’s interwoven with layers of sweet malt, presenting a tapestry of caramel and toffee. Fruit esters add complexity, evoking the impression of ripe, dark berries gently warmed in the sun.

Palate: The first sip greets the palate with a delicate interplay of malt sweetness and fruitiness. Rather than heavy roasted flavors, it leans towards a nuanced profile where mild cocoa and a hint of roasted coffee beans come forth. These darker flavors are skillfully balanced, avoiding any bitterness, instead providing a comforting, malt-forward embrace.

Mouthfeel: The body is unexpectedly light and approachable, contrasting the visual intensity with a silky, almost velvety texture. Carbonation is finely tuned, sufficient to give life and lift to the beer without challenging its smooth nature. The “Hard Pour” maintains a friendly presence on the palate, inviting the drinker to savor its complexities without any weightiness.

Finish: The finish of this alcohol-free brew is graceful and clean, leaving behind hints of the initial cocoa and gentle coffee notes. It’s smooth from start to end, providing a satisfying closure that balances the sweetness with a dry touch, ensuring that the final note is as pleasant as the first.

Overall Vandestreek’s “Hard Pour” is a meticulously crafted alcohol-free beer that delivers a robust flavor profile within a surprisingly nimble body. It showcases the brewer’s artistry in creating a beverage that’s full of taste yet light enough to be enjoyed as a session beer. This is a thoughtful brew for those who desire the complexity of traditional ales without the alcohol, suitable for any occasion where good taste is cherished.

Food Pairings

Indulge in the exquisite pairing between VandeStreek’s Hard Pour Non-Alcoholic Beer and a range of culinary delights. This sophisticated stout, with its creamy head and robust character, is the perfect complement to a variety of dishes. Enhance your dining experience with pairings tailored to enhance every sip and bite.

Rustic Comforts

Enjoy the richness of the Hard Pour alongside comforting rustic dishes. A hearty mushroom risotto or a savory vegan shepherd’s pie creates a harmonious blend with the stout’s earthy undertones, while its nitrogen-induced smoothness cuts through the creaminess of these comforting meals.

Grilled Sensations

Grilled vegetables and plant-based burgers gain a new dimension of taste when paired with this non-alcoholic stout. The charred, smoky flavors from the grill contrast beautifully with the smooth, velvety texture of the beer, offering a refreshing and satisfying counterpoint.

Global Spices

Explore the realm of spices with ethnic dishes such as a rich Indian dal or a Moroccan vegetable tagine. The complexity of spices in these cuisines is gracefully complemented by the stout’s deep flavours, providing a backdrop that enhances the meal’s aromatic profile.

Decadent Desserts

No meal is complete without a touch of sweetness. Pair the Hard Pour with a dark chocolate torte or a vegan caramel cheesecake. The subtle coffee and cacao notes inherent in the stout will resonate with the desserts’ richness, crafting an unforgettable end to any dining experience.

Whether you’re a gourmet enthusiast or simply seeking the perfect culinary companion for your non-alcoholic stout, VandeStreek’s Hard Pour is versatile enough to match a broad spectrum of flavours and textures, enriching every meal with its distinctive character.

Select a glass that complements the rich profile of the stout. A tulip glass is perfect for concentrating the nuanced aromas and enhancing the sensory experience. The wide bowl allows for ample space to develop a generous head, while the inward taper near the lip captures and focuses the bouquet.

Optimal Temperature

Serve the Hard Pour slightly cooler than room temperature, at around 8-10°C. This temperature range allows the subtle notes of coffee and cacao to emerge without overwhelming the palate, maintaining the beer’s smooth and approachable character.


Pair your Hard Pour with snacks that mirror its flavors. A selection of roasted nuts or dark chocolate can draw out the beer’s toasty and sweet notes. For a savory twist, aged hard cheeses or spiced seitan jerky can provide a delightful contrast to the stout’s creamy texture.

Whether enjoying a calm evening at home or hosting an elegant gathering, these serving recommendations will ensure that each glass of VandeStreek’s Hard Pour Non-Alcoholic Beer is poured flawlessly, offering a premium non-alcoholic experience that is both indulgent and memorable.

About Vandesteek

Vanderstreek Logo

In the heart of Utrecht, Netherlands, two ambitious brothers, Ronald and Sander van de Streek, embarked on a thrilling journey into the world of craft beer. Their shared passion for quality brews and creative experimentation led them to establish vandeStreek Brewery in 2013. The name, which translates to “from the region,” reflects their commitment to creating innovative beers while celebrating their local roots.

Initially starting as homebrewers, Ronald and Sander’s creations quickly gained a devoted following, prompting them to expand their operations into a full-fledged brewery. Over the years, the duo has focused on pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing, offering a diverse range of exceptional beers that cater to various tastes and preferences.

vandeStreek Brewery made waves in the non-alcoholic beer market with the introduction of their Playground IPA, a remarkable alcohol-free brew that doesn’t compromise on flavour. Packed with a fruity hop profile and smooth malt backbone, Playground IPA has become a popular choice among those seeking the taste and complexity of craft beer without the alcohol content.

Today, vandeStreek continues to grow and innovate, producing an ever-expanding lineup of unique and delicious beers that showcase their commitment to quality and creativity. With every sip, you’ll experience the passion and dedication that has driven the van de Streek brothers to redefine the world of craft brewing.